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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S SGH-T959 Hard Reset

Have you tried this? This works for me..
For recovery mode this works for me,
Remove battery
Install battery
Press and hold vol+/vol-
Press and hold power button
Once you see the Vibrant Screen do not release any of the buttons (vol+/vol- and power buttons) it will go black then back to Vibrant screen, then you release the power button only but keep pressing the vol-/vol+ buttons… this should get you into recovery mode..
For Download mode this helps me,
Remove Battery
Plug in USB cable to phone and computer
Put Battery In.. wait a couple of seconde until it shows the battery being charge..
Press and hold the vol+/vol- and the power button..
This will power up you phone.. once you see the Vibrant screen and it turn black, release the power button only.. this should get you into DL mode (it works for me). good luck.

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  1. this not work me hand set go recovery mod but not selct any option with power key or any key