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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Android Vodafone 845 Hard Reset

Enter recovery mode by turning your device on while holding down 'volume up' and 'Start call' (green) then powering on your device.

Wipe user data

Vodafone 845 aka HUAWEI u8120

1-how to put phone on ftm mode?
cable inserted, baterry out ,key call+ end call and insert batery, lcd become violet.

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  1. worked for me. You actually have to hold down the power button aswell

  2. Worked for me too, as follows:

    1) Turn off phone
    2) Hold down Vol Up & Call (Green on some variants)
    3) With the above still held down, press and hold Power button

    1. mne to nejde ...vipnem telefon...stlačím volume up potom call a nakoniec pustím call a držím volume up a stlačím a držím tlačitko zapnut

  3. to me not going to go into recovery mode, it locks the hourglass, you have no idea how to fix it?

  4. yes this does work i am a phone unlocker myself and use this method to erase the code as well.

  5. this works 100% tryed it last night

  6. How To Perform Hard Reset / Factory Reset

    Master Reset:
    1. Touch Home Key > Settings > Privacy.
    2. Touch Factory data reset.
    3. Touch Reset phone. Check Erase SD card if you want to erase the memory card.
    4. Touch Erase everything.

    Hard Reset:
    1. Turn Phone off
    2. Press and hold Volume up button then Press and hold Power button till a menu will come out "Android system recovery"
    4. Use the Volume button to scroll up and down and use the Camera button to select (click on).
    5. Scroll down to "Wipe data/factory reset" and click on it.
    6. Scroll down to "Yes -- delete all user data" and click on it.
    7. After "Data wipe complete" click on "reboot system now"

    How to Factory Data Reset
    How Android